Sunday 3 October 2010


Welcome to Synapsida. As its title suggests, this blog will be a random collection of musings on the subject of mammalian zoology. It largely consists of whatever scientific paper catches my eye in a particular week, written up so as to be a little more accessible than it might otherwise be. It doesn't claim to be anything original, and I'm not a professional zoologist, so you'll have to take it as it is - a layman's view of the latest mammalogical news.

Pretty much everything mammalian will be on topic here, and I certainly couldn't tell you from one week to the next what I'll be writing about. Having said that, I'll try not to repeat myself too much, and, while there are no guarantees, I'll hope that whatever interests me happens to be something that interests someone else as well. Which may not work, but we'll see.

To begin with, here are some old posts from my other blog, with news from August and September.

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